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16 Blackberrys Planted 11/11/2016

A few weeks ago, I planted 16 blackberry plants along the west side of the shop building.  I got these from a group buy from some members of the North Texas Vegetable Gardeners facebook group.  I had to drive to Denton to pick them up, but they only cost me $3 each.  I have 4 each of the following varieties:

  • Ouchita – Thornless
  • Navaho – Thornless
  • Apache – Thornless
  • Triple Crown – Thornless

I’ll plant fruit trees right next to them later this winter.

Free Tree Triming Mulch

We received 8 cu-yds of tree trimming waste from ArborDocs through the service. He dumped the material in our front yard. It was mostly finely ground limbs, branches, and leaves, with lots of larger material in it too, including logs.  We used to the mulch to create walkways through the area where a future vegetable garden will be.  We put down double layers of cardboard to help block weeds for the first year, and piled the mulch on thick (4-6 inches).  In about 5 years, we should be able to rake the wood chips back and harvest compost, then apply more wood mulch.

Leaf Storage Bins

I collect tree leaves in bins made out of welded wire fencing.  The bins of leaves will just sit for a few years and break down over time into nice compost.  When I need to mulch the vegetable beds, I get leaves from the bins and create several inches of covering over the soil of the vegetable beds to keep the moisture and heat regulated.  Here is a picture of the bins storing leaves.

I advertise on local social media that I’ll pick up bagged leaves:

This is a good recycle / reuse program, since my city doesn’t pickup leaves.  Citizens have to resort to burning them, hauling them to the dump themselves, or wait for every-other-month bulk pickup service, which just takes them to the dump.